A trusted advisor to you and your business should understand your goals and have the tenacity and foresight to help you achieve them.

The privately-held business and business owner are the foundation of our core business. One of the keys to our firm’s growth is the technical expertise we possess and provide for growing companies. Since our firm was founded we have strived to provide the highest level of quality service to our clients. McClain & Company tax professionals specialize in their practice and our clients benefit from our technical expertise due in large part to our industry leading professional training and continuing education programs.

We always approach issues from the owners’ perspective by helping our clients achieve their goals. The centerpiece to any approach is having a clear understanding of our client’s business and ownership structure. Our approach is to consider all possible tax strategies to maximize the benefits available.

We engage in tax strategy reviews with our clients at the beginning of their engagement with McClain & Company and periodic updates occur as appropriate. We strategize at both the entity and owner levels in order to help the owners achieve maximum after-tax wealth.

Tax law and the tax practice are complex and continually changing. Tax department professionals are experts in identifying key tax planning opportunities that minimize tax burdens and contribute to the financial well being for both individuals and businesses.

Tax services include:

  • Corporate Income Tax Planning
  • Corporate Income Tax Preparation
  • Compliance Tax Filing