Tax Preparation and Planning

Almost anyone can prepare a tax return. Not just anyone can get you the money back that you deserve. Many preparers guarantee "the smallest tax liability the law allows." But their work occurs after the fact. Assembling a tax return using last year's numbers requires only a basic knowledge of allowable deductions. When you use McClain & Company as your tax consultant, we suggest tax-saving opportunities all year long, and help you evaluate the best strategies for you and for your business. Rather than attempting last-minute tactics before a filing deadline, you'll have time to plan for optimal long-term results. The difference between a true tax consultant and an ordinary tax preparer is in the planning.

Representation Before the IRS and Other Taxing Authorities

Whether you're seeking information or whether you must present documentation, we will oversee all correspondence with State and Federal tax agencies regarding your taxes. We ensure that the information exchange is proper, and we function to save you money and time. There is no need to be concerned about notices you may have received from a tax agency when we are in your corner.

Startup Business Services

As you prepare to start a new venture, we will assist you in selecting the entity form that best suits your unique circumstances. Whether it's a corporation, a limited liability company, a partnership or a sole proprietorship, we can ensure that your choice of entity will make the most sense for you and your personal tax situation. We perform necessary legwork, such as obtaining federal, state and payroll identification numbers, and also help you prepare a balance sheet and other financial documents. We can also assist you in preparing forecasts and projections to use in obtaining start up financing.